Claim your Replay PLAYTATO NFT, Sync Your Discord, & Update your Replay Profile!

This Halloween, we are here to celebrate all the Couch Potatoes!

Now is the chance to claim your first FREE Replay NFT Playtato! All treats — no tricks!

You can also use this NFT as your profile pic on the Replay Rewards Dashboard. In the future, rare Playtato NFTs will unlock all sorts of special perks. For a limited time, users that use their PLAYTATO as their profile pic and link their Discord account to Replay Dashboard will receive 250 bonus RPLAY!

To claim your Playtato and update your profile pic with your own Avatar simply follow the steps below. Please note, that you will have to Create an account on Thetadrop to claim your free NFT.

  1. Sign up for a replay account. Many of you have already done this — if so, you can skip to step 2 below
  2. On your Replay Dashboard, Sync Replay with Thetadrop
  3. Go to the Replay Challenges section. You will see the following:
  1. Click the graphic and you will see an option to claim:

Please note, this NFT is currently available for a limited time. Complete the challenge by Midnight ET (10/31/22), this Halloween!

Your NFT may take some time to sync, possibly up to 2+ hours. If you can’t complete the challenge or the drop has ended, you can always purchase one for sale on ThetaDrop.

  1. Come back to your Replay Dashboard and resync your Thetadrop OR wait for 1 hour or less and resync should happen automatically.
  1. Go to the Profile section and fill out all the information including the Discord section.
    Connect your discord by clicking the ‘Link Discord Account’ button.
  1. Complete the authentication process. You will know you have completed it correctly when your Discord name appears on your profile. Make sure to fill out all the other sections too so we know more about you!

  2. Now that your Discord is connected, you can display your new Playtato as your Avatar! Click the ‘Upload NFT Avatar’ button in the profile section under the blank profile picture.

  1. Choose your Playtato NFT and ‘Set as Profile Picture. Your Playtato should appear as your Avatar.