Replay Collectibles

How Can Collectibles Make Watching TV More Fun?

Replay is a video payments protocol that “game-ifies” online video, letting users earn RPLAY rewards for watching and sharing video on an enabled app, like By owning Replay Collectibles, users can boost those RPLAY rewards and make it easier to collect badges and complete Missions in Replay Dash, our one-stop shop for managing your watch history, rewards history, and collectibles.

But what do Replay collectibles do?
Well, it depends! Replay Collectibles boost RPLAY rewards differently depending on that collectible’s attributes, so that users can collect or purchase the collectibles that do the most for them!
For example: some Collectibles unlock premium content for a particular content library or for a particular web3 community. Others boost rewards when paired with an existing collectible.

There are two types of Replay Collectibles:

Replay Collectibles
These are the collectibles released by Replay team. Including PLAYTATOs & TV Star Cards, Replay Collectibles are created for Replay ecosystem, and can originate from a variety of Blockchains - so far we’ve only released on Theta Network via ThetaDrop. So far…👀

Replay Supported Collectibles
Could your Moonbird be a movie ticket? Maybe now it can! Replay is making existing popular NFT collections RPLAY-able: enabling unique content unlock and boosted rewards. Own an ape with a cowboy hat? You may just find, for example, that you’re earning boosted RPLAY rewards when watching Westerns on Replay ecosystem.

Replay is the first major player taking advantage of the permissionless nature of web3 to enhance existing collectibles with new utility, bringing more value to every generative collection.

Just link your ETH or MATIC-based MetaMask wallet today on Replay Dash under the APPS section!
Be on the lookout as we announce Replay-Supported Collections.


We support ThetaDrop, Ethereum & Polygon Collectibles!

If you’re an NFT creator interested in making your NFT RPLAY-able, please reach out here.