RPLAY NFT Multipliers

Supercharging the Web3 Entertainment Economy

The RPLAY economy has witnessed tremendous growth! From just Aug. to Sept., we have Quintupled our hours watched and users on our flagship streaming service Rewarded.tv. Thanks to all of you :)

Since then, following the overwhelming response and excitement for our first NFT drop, partnered with ThetaDrop to crowdfund the production of the Cyko KO: The Animated Series pilot, we’ve grown exponentially: from 5000+ hours daily to trending over 35,000+ hours daily, in just a few days!

First and foremost, we want to address some of the experience issues we’ve been hearing about, like buffering. We have been working overtime to solve those issues and are currently finalizing updates that are being rolled out live imminently. We’ll be testing the new version throughout the week, so you may continue to see intermittent interruptions while we implement, though most users should see major improvements to buffering today. These updates will enable the rollout of NFT multipliers, which will occur by EOD this Wednesday, Oct. 12. We apologize again for one week delay and appreciate your patience!

Also, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the RPLAY tokenomics. To all our new users, here is some high-level info about the RPLAY tokenomics currently powering Rewarded.tv, adapted from the RPLAY Token Whitepaper (published Jan. 2022) and Rewarded TV Litepaper (Published Aug 2022):

  • Total fixed supply of RPLAY = 1 Billion RPLAY.
  • Supply of RPLAY to Rewarded.tv stems from RPLAY growth pool 1, at 25 Million RPLAY (part of the overall Ecosystem Growth pool in our tokenomics)
  • More phases of growth pools will be unlocked, TBD, as we continue to achieve ecosystem milestones.
  • More info on what RPLAY can be redeemed for here!

    With our first NFT Drop, we’ve unveiled NFT Multipliers, introducing the concept of NFTs with special rare traits that unlock Rewards Multipliers across the RPLAY ecosystem. NFT Rewards Multipliers are typically tied to specific eligible content on Rewarded.tv, defined by the NFT collection.

For example, our first NFT Collection — Cyko KO Star Card NFTs:

  • In addition to other benefits, NFTs that display rare traits activate Rewards Multipliers on Cyko’s Picks, a Rewarded.tv playlist, and all future Cyko KO content, including the original pilot starring Jon Heder and the reunited Napoleon Dynamite cast, currently in production.

  • Cyko Pick’s are available here: https://watch.rewarded.tv/channels/details/cykos-picks

    Here are the rarity traits:

The Replay Cyko KO Star Card NFT collection allows you to stack as many NFTs as you like: multipliers ADD up. For example if you have 1 NFT at 4x and a 2nd NFT at 2x and a 3rd NFT at 3x = that’s a total of 9x! Please note — all these multipliers are only attributed to Cyko’s Picks on Rewarded TV,a playlist which will refresh regularly with new content, subject to content licensing and availability. When the Pilot for Cyko KO: The Animated Series is released, it will also be added to this playlist. Cyko KO Team also plans to add behind-the-scenes footage, videos on the process of creating a show, etc. These videos will also be added to the Cyko’s Picks playlist. We’ll see the show we funded come together in real time — It’ll be fun!

Rewards & Multipliers are influenced by systematic key drivers, described below in brief and detailed in our whitepaper, that are activated programmatically as the RPLAY token reaches milestones in user adoption and overall time watched.

The Reward Mechanics and Key Drivers promote a balanced economy, discovery for content providers, and reward community members for being active participants in ecosystem growth. For more details on Key Drivers influencing Rewards Mechanics, please visit page 16–18 of the Rewarded.tv litepaper (published Aug. 2022).

Replay’s rewarding rates for watching (i.e. Base RPLAY Reward Rate) is affected by a user’s Viewer Reward Rate, defined in our whitepaper as the real-time calculated rate at which an individual end user is awarded RPLAY, based on the RPLAY Reward Rate, their Viewer Reward Score, and the Asset Reward Score

  • RPLAY Reward Rate — The real-time calculated rate at which RPLAY are awarded to viewers for time spent on eligible content; this rate is based on a number of factors including the overall time spent watching Replay powered streams and the amount of RPLAY remaining in the Replay Rewards pool at any given moment.
  • Viewer Reward Score — A real-time calculated score which influences an individual end user’s Viewer Reward Rate, based on a number of factors that indicate quality viewing activity. For example, views on SmartTV (Roku or FireTV) devices or native RewardedTV apps on iOS, or Android are more qualitatively valuable than views on mobile web or desktop.. A user who watches most often on SmartTV or mobile devices, will have a greater Viewer Reward Score than a user who mostly watches on the web.
  • Asset Reward Score — A real-time calculated score which influences the reward value of a given video being consumed based on both the lifetime watch time, as well as an individual user’s watch time associated with that video. For example, a viewer who watches the same movies over and over will lower their individual Asset Reward Score, compared to a user who watches a new title regularly. Live Channels behave similarly, rewarding users for organic recurring check-ins. This promotes content discovery and prompts users to explore more content from our entire library, enabling a healthy and powerful ecosystem.

Of course, NFT multipliers aren’t the only way to boost RPLAY rewards! More Rewards Mechanics will be rolled out at a steady pace, granting users new opportunities to augment their rewards by promoting content discovery and quality viewing: beyond watching, users will boost rewards by hosting and joining watch parties and live events, helping to curate content, and rating and reviewing titles. NFT Multipliers will integrate seamlessly with these mechanics.

A few important points to note:

  • The Base RPLAY Reward Rate, which began at 20 RPLAY/ hour for early adopters, is currently 10 RPLAY / hr (subject to programmatic changes after meeting total hours watched milestones, likely to occur very soon at the current rate of growth)
  • You are free to watch content concurrently on as many devices as you like — but RPLAY only rewards 1 active session at a time.
  • In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem of active users and new users coming on board, for the time being we are setting a limit of 10 referrals per account; however, if you’re a power referrer or influencer please apply to become a verified RPLAY referrer and unlock more referrals.

    Thanks to all our users who have contributed to our rapid growth as we jumpstart the web3 content economy! We greatly appreciate your continued patience, and are excited to announce RPLAY Rewards Multipliers will activate this Wednesday!