Add your Theta Wallet to Rewards Dashboard

If you would like to connect a Theta Wallet to your Rewards dashboard, first you will need to have it connected on Metamask first before syncing. If you do not have a Theta Wallet, create one here and add to your Metamask.

Once you have created the Theta Wallet, you can follow these instructions to add your Theta Wallet to Metamask first:

  1. In MetaMask, click "Add account or hardware wallet"
  2. Select “Import account”
  3. Enter your private key from your THETA wallet

To start displaying your RPLAY tokens in your Metamask you will need the Smart Contract details provided below:

  • Replay Smart Contract Address: 0x3Da3D8CDE7B12CD2CBb688E2655BcaCD8946399D
  • Token decimal: 18
  • Token Symbol: RPLAY

Once you have your Theta Wallet added to your metamask, head on over to your Rewards Dashboard Apps Section

Hit “Add Wallet”! If you don’t see “Add Wallet”, please follow on-screen instructions to access via a browser logged-in with your MetaMask account.

That’s it! You’ve now connected your compatible wallet with your Rewards Dashboard