Accessing Paid, Collectibles-Gated Content

Revolutionizing Streaming With Industry-first Token-Gated Access

Introducing the FlixFling PLAYTATO

Replay introduced real-time Collectible-gating in partnership with streaming provider FlixFling.

Or in other words — welcome a PLAYTATO with real superpowers: The FlixFling PLAYTATO!

To purchase a FlixFling PLAYTATO Collectible and gain exclusive access to titles on from the FlixFling Subscription library, visit

Once you own a Replay Collectible that unlocks content, ensure your Replay Dash is properly synced by clicking "Sync Collectibles" on the 'Collectibles' page. Once synced, you should be able to enjoy premium content just by clicking - your Collectible will automatically be applied anywhere you're logged-in!


Stacking restrictions apply on Playtatoes that boost rewards for “FlixFling Picks”. Users can stack up to 5 PLAYTATOES from either collection to boost rewards on the “FlixFling Picks” playlist.

FlixFling PLAYTATO NFT guarantees access to content until June 14th 2024, with a high likelihood of free extension, individual titles subject to availability.