Welcome to the Playtatoverse!

Unlocking exclusive content and super powers on our Streaming Platform with Couch Playtato NFTs!


At Replay, our mission is to enable a fair and transparent on-chain video economy. But nobody said we weren't going to have a good bit of fun along the way!

We're unveiling the Playtatoverse, Replay's Collectible NFT Avatars.

The Playtato is our hero. Our champion. A couch potato with style and superpowers.

Why the Playtato?

Well, Replay rewards everyone on the video food chain. That means getting content creators paid on-time, in-time for their next creative effort, but it also means celebrating those who the creators do it all for: the tasty tastemakers, the forever fried fans - the thankless Couch Potato!

And Playtatoes, much like their IRL counterparts, are about as versatile as they get. In the coming weeks, months, and years we plan to introduce Playtatoes with all sorts of superpowers that unlock premium features, challenges and bonuses across the Replay ecosystem.

Collecting Playtatoes, Playtato accessories, all while watching and amplifying content, will level up your profile, unlock private members-only discord channels and open premium playlists. It may even level-up your Viewer Reward Score and impact other Dynamic Reward factors in the future.

How Can I Get a PLAYTATO, To Freeload On My Couch and Eat My Snacks and Watch Movies With Me?

This Halloween, Oct 31st, at 8 am PT / 11 am ET, A New Challenge Will Launch On ThetaDrop to Claim your Playtato! Click here now! https://replay.thetadrop.com/challenges

We're rewarding those of you who have supported us and our favorite partners - all you need to do to complete the ThetaDrop Challenge and claim a PLAYTATO Avatar NFT is hold any NFT (just 1!) from any of the following projects:

  • Replay
  • Cyko KO
  • Order of the Tigons 
  • FuseTV

This limited edition Spooky Horror collection for Halloween features a variety of super fun common, uncommon, rare, and epic ghoulish traits.

Trait-based superpowers for this drop will be unveiled soon. Spooky.

Check out this short clip teaser to give some context of something big coming to the Playtatoverse!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

Complete the challenge on Halloween day to claim your very own special Halloween Avatar NFT and share this clip to help spread the word of our first Couch Playtato and RewardedTV!

Go here to find out how to set your profile pic to your avatar!