Introducing Replay Badges

We’re excited to introduce Watch Party Badges, Referral Badges and Watch Time Badges on the Replay Dashboard! Think of badges as “Achievements”, like the kind you might find in your favorite video game, but for TV! Users earn and collect badges for completing missions and reaching milestones in the Replay ecosystem.

Now you can track your achievements with our gameifed dashboard! Unlock badges with your activity. Each badge will appear grayed out until achieved. Earn Watch Party, Referral Milestone and Watch Time Milestone badges now, with many more to come! The most exciting part? Many of the badges will give you special rewards or NFTs when you achieve them.


Earn this badge and a reward every time you join a Watch Party! You can earn multiple Watch Party Badges for joining a Replay Watch Party or any of our Partner Watch Parties coming soon. Every time you join a Watch Party, you will earn this badge and your rewards will be applied to your account automatically! If you join the same type of watch party more than once, your 'count' for that badge will increase. You can see how much you will much you will earn when you click on the specific watch party badge on the Replay Dashboard.



Earn Referral Milestone Badges as you refer more people. The first Milestone is 5 Referrals. Keep in mind, you can refer as many people as you want to earn a badge. However, you must be whitelist as an official Replay Referral Partner in order to earn rewards on more than 10 Referrals.



Earn Watch Time Milestone Badges as you rack up time watching our movies, TV shows and live channels. Earn your first badge at 100 hours. Keep watching to hit new milestones and earn more badges!


The best is yet to come as we expand our Badges section! Keep watching on Rewarded TV and coming back to your Replay Dashboard to see all your Badges and Rewards and what you can earn.