RPLAY Rewards Rules

The Replay token ecosystem rewards users for watching and contributing to the platform's growth. As part of this ecosystem, users can earn RPLAY tokens by watching content, engaging with ads, and participating in various platform features.

Your reward rate is calculated by modifying the current base RPLAY reward rate to determine the value of a user's watch time, factoring in a variety of qualitative metrics: the type of device users are watching from, the typical amount a viewer watches, how regularly a viewer visits the same channels or brands, etc.

This article provides a technical breakdown of the current reward rates on Replay, including caps on the number of sessions per device and asset reward score.

Current Reward Rates: to see current rewards rate, click the 'info' button on your RPLAY total in Replay Dash

In general, users earn based on these various device rates:

  • base rate for desktop/laptop devices
  • 2x base rate for mobile apps
  • 3x base rate for connected TV devices

Once you've determined your base rate by multiplying your device rate, you can activate multipliers by owning Collectibles that multiply your rewards rate! Your Collectible multipliers can add up, "stacking" value from up to 5 appropriate Collectibles. Remember, your rewards rate is determined by multiplying the base rate by the above device rates.

Watch Parties, live events & missions can also all offer one-time RPLAY bonuses for engaging with content! You might even find your bonus RPLAY if you have the right collectible proving your fandom.

Replay rewards are determined by a user’s Viewer Reward Rate, defined in our whitepaper as the real-time calculated rate at which an individual end user is awarded RPLAY, determined by the base RPLAY Reward Rate, their Viewer Reward Score, and their Asset Reward Score

  • base RPLAY Reward Rate — The real-time calculated rate at which RPLAY are awarded to all viewers for time spent on eligible content; this rate is based on a number of factors including the overall total time spent watching Replay-powered streams and the amount of RPLAY remaining in the Replay Rewards pool at any given moment.
  • Viewer Reward Score — A real-time calculated score which influences an individual end user’s Viewer Reward Rate, based on a number of factors that indicate quality viewing activity. For example, views on SmartTV (Roku or FireTV) devices or native RewardedTV apps on iOS, or Android are more qualitatively valuable than views on mobile web or desktop.. A user who watches most often on SmartTV or mobile devices, will have a greater Viewer Reward Score than a user who mostly watches on the web.
  • Asset Reward Score — A real-time calculated score based on both the lifetime watch time, as well as an individual user’s watch time associated with that video or live channel.

Asset Reward Score Rules:

  • Movies & TV Shows: The reward rate on a particular titles halves each time a user repeat views a title. Every time you re-watch a movie, you'll earn half the RPLAY rewards you would have the previous time.
  • Live Channels: The reward rate is consistently halved every 3 hours on a single given channel. However, after 24 hours, your rewards rate on that channel resets so you can visit again for optimal rewards. For example, if a user wants to watch CoinDeskTV at 8 am every day for the morning news, they can return at 8 am the next day for optimal viewing rewards.

Additional Caps:

  • More than 1 session on the same device: if a user has two browsers playing the same asset on the same laptop, only one of them is counted as a valid session.
  • Up to 5 unique devices supported: if a user started a session on Roku/AndroidTV/Apple TV/ FireTV/iOS/Android, they cannot earn more than one session per unique device.

Base Rates and Changes:

The current reward rates are based on the available token supply and the needs of the platform. As the platform grows and more tokens are entered into circulation, the reward rates may be subject to pragmatic changes to maintain balance and fairness for all users, based on the percentage of available token pools left and the demand for tokens on the platform. We will continue to monitor the platform's needs and adjust the reward rates accordingly to ensure the best experience for our users.