RPLAY Rewards

The Replay token ecosystem rewards users for watching and contributing to the platform's growth. As part of this ecosystem, users can earn RPLAY tokens by watching content, engaging with ads, and participating in various platform features. In addition to the base reward rate, certain factors can influence the reward rate, such as the type of device used and the quality of the content being viewed. This article provides a technical breakdown of the current reward rates on Replay, including caps on the number of sessions per device and asset reward score.

Current Reward Rates:

Base Reward Rate: 2.5 RPLAY / hr

1x base rate for desktop/laptop devices
2x base rate for mobile devices
3x base rate for connected TV devices
Watch Parties - one time bonuses for engaging with the content!

Additional Caps:

  • More than 1 session on the same device: if a user has two browsers playing the same asset on the same laptop, only one of them is counted as a valid session.
  • Unique device: if a user started a session on Roku/AndroidTV/Apple TV/ FireTV, they cannot earn more than one session per unique device.

Asset Reward Score:

  • Movies & TV Shows: The reward rate decreases by half when the user watches the same asset multiple times. For example, if a user watches a movie for 1.5 hours on Roku, they will get 1x RPLAY for the first 1.5 hours and 0.5x RPLAY for the next 1.5 hours, and it keeps decreasing by half. However, users can watch any movie multiple times.
  • Live Channels: The reward rate is consistently halved for every 3 hours. However, after 24 hours, it resets. For example, if a user watched a live channel on Monday at 10 AM and the reward gets halved for that day, it resets on Tuesday 10 AM and continues getting halved for the rest of the day. This is implemented to promote content discovery across all our channels we offer on the service.

Base Rates and Changes:

The current reward rates are based on the available token supply and the needs of the platform. As the platform grows and more tokens are in circulation, the reward rates may change to maintain balance and fairness for all users. The base rates will be adjusted based on the percentage of token pool left and the demand for tokens on the platform. We will continue to monitor the platform's needs and adjust the reward rates accordingly to ensure the best experience for our users.