Pool Staking

Stake RPLAY to help secure Replay protocol

How to get started - Staking Pools

Pools are set up as a convenient way for RPLAY holders to stake against existing validators on the Replay subchain. It's designed to make staking easier and more accessible for our community members who may not have the technical know-how, time, or resources to set up individual staking solutions. Replay subchain and validators are run on an open permissionless blockchain. The below is setup by our community:

https://www.rplay-staking.com - to easily stake your RPLAY and earn rewards. All you need is some TFUEL and some RPLAY. Credits: community member Daniel Ancuta (@danielancuta) for setting it up.



Why stake your RPLAY?

  • Earn Rewards
    • Rewards are given for actions that help the network reach consensus. You'll get rewards for running software that properly batches transactions into new blocks and checks the work of other validators because that's what keeps the chain running securely.
  • Better security
    • The network gets stronger against attacks as more RPLAY is staked, as it then requires more RPLAY to control a majority of the network.
    • Ensures long-term security and sustainability of the Replay network.
  • Easy to get staking with a pool
    • Staking with a pool is as easy as a token swap. No need to worry about hardware setup and node maintenance. Pools allow you to deposit your RPLAY which enables node operators to run validators. Rewards are then distributed to contributors minus a fee for node operations