PlayTaters Collection: Unlocking Governance

Replay minted collectibless offer even more rewards!

PlayTaters are Replay Membership Collectibles that grant curator governance and boosted rewards on the Replay ecosystem. PlayTater holders will receive weekly votes in governing PlayTater Favorites, a rewarded playlist that updates weekly on These tots will also receive priority status as we introduce additional governance mechanics, and will unlock private Discord chats, exclusive rewards, and watch parties!

Tater Favorites will be rewarded based on trait rarity and stackable, for up to 5 Taters. Future governance mechanics may offer unlimited stacking.

Once you purchase your very own PlayTater, it will automatically show up in your My Collectibles page and you will automatically be added to a private discord chat where you can meet your fellow playtater holders!

Note: Playtaters are minted on the Polygon blockchain and can be withdrawn out of your Replay Dashboard and to another wallet address. See Withdrawing Replay Digital Collectibles