How to Unlock your Cyko KO Packs and Earn Reward Multipliers

The day has arrived! You finally have a locked pack of Cyko KO Star Card NFTs and it’s time to unlock them. Here’s a step by step on how you do it.

  1. Go to your profile on Thetadrop, then to the ‘My Collections’ section under your profile. Select the pack you would like to unlock.

  2. Select the ‘Open Pack’ option. Please note that this may take some time, up to 24 hours, as the pack resolves over the Theta Blockchain. You will receive a notice once the pack is unlocked.

  1. After your pack has been unlocked, go to your Replay Dashboard. On the NFT card, click the ‘Resync Thetadrop’ button. This will sync the unlocked pack from Thetadrop with our dashboard. You can also see what cards you received by checking Thetadrop.
  1. After it resolves, your new unlocked cards will display in the NFT section on your dashboard. You can also see what multipliers you earn.

  2. Go to Rewarded.TV and watch any of the picks from the Cyko KO playlist. Please note that your multipliers are ONLY valid when watching this playlist. Below are the multipliers you will gain by trait! You will also gain exclusive access to the Cyko KO pilot when it’s released. Geek out at the Cyko KO site.