How to Run a Replay Validator

You need to have a machine with following requirements and periodically monitor if all the processes are running as expected. These are recommended by Theta team to run a validator as part of Replay sub chain:

Hardware Minimum requirements:

Please ensure that you utilize a dedicated machine solely for running your validator. Running other software on the same machine is discouraged, as these processes demand a significant amount of processing power and bandwidth.

-Memory: 16 GB RAM
-CPU: 8 cores
-Storage Disk: 1 TB SSD
-Network Bandwidth: 200Mbps symmetrical commercial network
-Operating System: Ubuntu

In addition to the hardware requirements, you will need the following tokens as well:

-1000 wTheta: If you have THETA tokens, they can be wrapped on the Theta Wallet.
-20,000 TFUEL + additional to cover gas fees : This amount is required to cover cross-chain transfers that require TFUEL. Additional gas fees is to perform deposit stake transaction.
-At least 1 RPLAY token :)
Please ensure that you have the necessary hardware and tokens before proceeding with the validator setup.

Now that we have covered the introduction and hardware requirements, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of setting up and running a Replay Subchain Validator. Please refer to Solo Staking.

After you have followed the above guide and have completed setting up a Replay Subchain Validator, please fill out the following form to be eligible for airdrop from our validator pool of rewards. Validator Staking Request Form