What is Rewarded TV?

Introducing Rewarded.TV and the Replay Value Proposition

Why Launch a Streaming Service

The over-the-top streaming industry (video delivered over the internet) is growing (Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13.87% / year) and is estimated to be worth $223 Billion by 2026.

While there are thousands of streaming platforms, services, and channels all around the world, they all look basically the same and operate with one of three models:

  1. Subscription / SVOD (Subscription Based Video On Demand) - Subscribe
  2. Advertising / AVOD (Ad supported Video On Demand) - Watch ads to access “Free” Content
  3. Rentals / TVOD (Transaction Video On Demand) - Rent Movies and Series

As discussed extensively in the original Replay Whitepapers, these models have some significant drawbacks as executed today, specifically, as it relates to providing transparency over content usage and timely payments to content providers. Further, Consumers are left without much choice: most people find themselves having to subscribe to multiple services in order to find content they want (effectively subsidizing the content habits of other viewers and building an IP portfolio for the service where they have no long term benefit) OR have to endure 10+minutes of Advertising per hour to get their content for “free”.

We are introducing a new model, one that’s centered around community, provides value to consumers for their time, and provides content providers with visibility into their business and with opportunities to scale.

To that end, we’ve reimagined the streaming service experience in order to help drive growth and adoption of the Replay system and RPLAY token.

The Rewarded TV Difference

Unique Business Model

  • The service grows and generates revenue from three primary sources:
    • Viewers purchasing and/or redeeming RPLAY tokens to watch a higher tier of premium content
    • Collectible drops that can be purchased on a marketplace which gives viewers access to the higher tier of content alongside boosted rewards and additional perks.
  • Ad revenues driven by users enjoying free content, including live TV and on-demand.

Community Features

  • Invite Friends
    • Deep social hooks available to invite friends to Rewarded tv and surface/share content across all social platforms.
  • Chat
    • Chat with other viewers across multiple viewing platforms as you watch.
  • Watch Together
    • Join or Host Watch Parties
  • Get Rewarded
    • Participation Drives Incremental Rewards (Gamification to be discussed further below)
  • Transparency & Visibility
    • Real-Time Dashboards
    • Real-Time Viewing and Rewards Data for Consumers
    • Real-Time Usage Metrics for Content Providers

How Rewarded TV Works for Content Providers

The Replay ecosystem is dedicated to helping content providers scale their business by enabling a trustless distribution model.

Here’s what the process looks like at a high-level in a world without Replay:

By adopting Replay, Rewarded.TV is able to drive efficiency in the acquisition, measurement, reporting and payment to content providers, enabling to replicate this process with other distributors who adopt Replay as the ecosystem grows.

The Rewarded TV Target Market

Our service is intended to be a global, general market streaming service. We believe this target market will expand over time, but initially we feel it looks pretty close to the following:

Select Current Content Providers

Here’s a quick look at the enterprising, early adopting, first moving content providers that have joined Rewarded.tv so far. Hundreds of hours of content are already live for viewers to enjoy around the world with subtitles available. Thousands of hours of movies and TV will be made available in the coming weeks and months from existing content providers, with new providers in various stages of execution already on the horizon.

To leare more, please read our Rewarded TV Lite Paper .