What is RPLAY Token?

What is RPLAY, and what does RPLAY do?

What is RPLAY?

RPLAY is a tracking protocol currently enabling Rewarded.tv — our flagship web3 streaming service that offers movies, TV and live channels. RPLAY is designed to power the video ecosystem with the goal of creating a more fair platform for all participants, earned by anyone driving value to video.

RPLAY is a TNT-20 token built on Theta Blockchain.

How do I get RPLAY?

RPLAY is earned by content owners who contribute their content into the platform. The more premium their content and the more engagement towards that content — the more they earn.

Users can also earn RPLAY for watching content on Rewarded TV, hosting watch parties, inviting friends, social sharing, amplifying content distribution etc. Just sign-up on Rewarded.tv, click "My Rewards🚀 in the main menu to sync your Replay account, and start watching TV & movies to earn.

Replay Digital Collectibles supercharge the ecosystem with powerful Rewards Multipliers & exclusive access to premium content/benefits for all stakeholders.

And what can you do with RPLAY?

The Power of RPLAY.

RPLAY will be able to be redeemed for:

  • Watching premium content — we’ve partnered with major studios, to bring on blockbuster projects to our as-of-yet unrevealed premium library, comparable to what you see on any Tier 1 web2 streaming service today!

  • Future Collectibles — Collectibles that unlock exclusive content (check our theta drops at: http://replay.thetadrop.com/). These Collectibles support creators directly, and can have powerful benefits for holders like Rewards Multipliers

  • Validators — RPLAY tokens may be used by participants to setup and host validator nodes which verify content tracking and measurement transactions.

  • Featured creators and brands will be able to purchase RPLAY to advertise and amplify sponsored content on the ecosystem.

  • Community interactions: RPLAY tokens may be used to drive featured content playlists, content ratings, and reviews.