What is RPLAY, and what does RPLAY do?

What is RPLAY?

RPLAY is a TNT-20 token built on Theta Blockchain. RPLAY is a tracking protocol enabling Rewarded.tv — our flagship web3 streaming service that offers movies, TV and live channels. RPLAY is designed to power the video ecosystem with the goal of creating a fairer platform for all participants. RPLAY is earned by anyone driving value to video.

How do I get RPLAY?

RPLAY is earned by content owners who contribute their content into the platform. The more premium their content and the more engagement towards that content — the more they earn.

Users can also earn RPLAY for watching content on Rewarded TV, hosting watch parties, inviting friends, social sharing, amplifying content distribution etc..

  • Current Reward Rate: 20 -> 10 RPLAY / hr watched
  • Joining Replay hosted watch parties - 500 -> 200 RPLAY for joining and watching with the community

Replay-enabled NFTs supercharge the ecosystem with powerful Rewards Multipliers & exclusive access to premium content/benefits for all stakeholders.

And what can you do with RPLAY?

The Power of RPLAY.

In the very near future, RPLAY will be redeemed for:

  • Watching premium content — we’ve partnered with major studios, to bring on blockbuster projects to our as-of-yet unrevealed premium library, comparable to what you see on any Tier 1 web2 streaming service today!

  • Future NFTs — NFTs that unlock exclusive content (like our current Cyko KO drop: The Animated Series pilot (http://replay.thetadrop.com/). These NFTs support creators directly, and can have powerful benefits for holders like Rewards Multipliers

  • Staking — users achieve Staking tiers that augment their RPLAY earnings and receive governance rights in the Replay community, by staking RPLAY alongside certain Replay-enabled NFTs

  • Badges, and Leaderboards — RPLAY can be redeemed for badges & leaderboard status within the Replay ecosystem. Ecosystem leaders and exclusive badge holders will unlock more benefits that enhance their experience across the RPLAY ecosystem.

  • Featured creators and brands will be able to purchase RPLAY to advertise and amplify sponsored content on the ecosystem.

Also as per our tokenomics —

  • Portion of our revenues generated by the platform will go towards our token buyback program.

  • There is a limited reward pool. User Growth Reward Pool 1 - 25 Million tokens allocated. Base Reward rate will decrease over time. Algorithmic reward rates will be introduced. Thus making NFT multipliers very valuable. And it’ll depend on many factors as described in our rewarded tv white paper: https://imaginereplay.com/app/uploads/2022/08/Rewarded_litepaper_8-11.pdf